About Us


Meet the Board of Directors

Deborah Pearson, President

  • Deborah has been on the board since 2013
  • Deborah has been a member¬† of NSWLA since 2011
  • Deborah practices Employment Law, ¬†which includes Handicapped Discrimination in the Workplace, and Wrongful Termination Law

Deborah McWade, Vice President


Rosalyn Stults, Treasurer

  • Rosalyn is currently the Treasurer for NSWLA
  • Rosalyn was the past Treasurer and past President (term of 1999-2000).
  • Rosalyn has been on the board since 1993
  • Rosalyn has been a member of NSWLA since 1992
  • Rosalyn has a multi disciplinary practice helping businesses and their employees with issues regarding business, civil, criminal, real estate, and divorce matters.


Molly Warren, Board Member

  • Molly has served as Secretary since 2016
  • Molly has served on the board since 2015
  • Molly has been a member of NSWLA for over 5 years
  • Molly practices juvenile law – juvenile delinquency.


Teresa M. Harkins La Vita, Board Member

  • Teresa Harkins La Vita has been a member of the NSWLA and on its board since 2016.
  • Teresa was the 2016 Lawyer of the Year award recipient.
  • Teresa practices family law in Danvers and focuses her practice on divorce, paternity, custody, and child support matters, while also providing services as a Guardian ad Litem in the Probate and Family Court.

Laila Maalouf, Board Member

Teresa Reade, Board Member

  • Teresa has a member of NSWLA for 3 years and has been a member of the Board of Directors for two years.
  • Teresa is a the principle of Reade Law Firm, PC, a small family law firm in Peabody, MA, handling divorce, property division, custody, support, and other related matters.


Robin Fleischer, Board Member

  • Robin has been a board member for 3 years
  • Robin practices divorce, family law and basic estate planning; limited assistance representation

Talia Simonds, Board Member/IT Manager

  • Talia has been a board member for NSWLA since 2016 and became the IT manager in 2017
  • Talia joined NSWLA in 2015
  • Talia practices Family Law and Divorce.